Worked a bit in the house today, mainly repainting the table. Finished the planting bed we left hanging yesterday. Kimmy talked about Candida cleanses and recommended I do it. Maybe. I told her that the way I was eating here, I already was on a cleanse. Contrasted with Carl’s Jr. and all the processed junk from the grocery store, I’m resurrecting as we speak. I walked to Mastatal and half way down I caught a ride with some guys in a little toyota truck coming down from a solar panel maintenance trip in Zapotan. The guys wee from Rancho Mastatal.

After I jumped out I headed directly to the internet cafe and tried to get this written but the internet was out. So what would I do with time to kill but go get fried tilapia over rice and beans and a cabbage, tomato and mayo salad from the Soda (little roadside restaurant).  About a mile down the road is La Iguana Chocolaterie where Kimmy has a lot of friends. There are many regular volunteers there who come back year after year to do work trade for a cheap place to vacation.

So after pescado tilapia over rice, I grabbed a beer and came here and so here I am and this is probably the most boring post yet. Consider it a journal entry. Pics to come.

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