Benjamin Higbee
2158 W 2300 S
Salt Lake City, Utah  84119
Phone: 801-946-7786
Email: ben.higbee@gmail.com
Website: www.benjaminhigbee.com

Benjamin Higbee is a fine arts painter living and working in Salt Lake City. His work is an exciting mixture of materials ranging from Oil paint and Acrylics to epoxies and resins, combined to create rich textural surfaces. His work is focused on systems and patterns in nature and the phenomena derived from processes such as evaporation, deposition, erosion, surface tension, gravity, dispersion, diffusion, turbulence, etc. “When these phenomena are combined and applied to an order (i.e. topography, fractal geometry, grids, etc.) the results are controlled randomness, ordered fractal events and essentially, I’m using nature’s phenomena as a sculptural drawing tool.” He directs effects such as the fractal cracking of clay to conform to a structural  pattern to create mixed media patterns and textures.

He is inspired by the organic patterns of Nature found in coral, sea urchins, diatoms, and in the microscopic world of tissues,  semi-permeable membranes, edges of one material against another (i.e. a liquid’s edge against the air – surface tension). The worlds of science and art are combined in the visual art of Benjamin Higbee. His work is Bas (Low) Relief Mixed Media Sculpture on panel. It is intended to be touched and viscerally enjoyed. He sees his work as a kind of Neo- Romanticism. It is AWE and deeply-felt emotional responses for the beauty in nature that inspires him to create.