Cylinder House Model Begins

Here is my geodesic dome model begun today in 3D Studio Max 2016. The walls are steel post reinforced gabions, finished with lime plaster on the interior and on the exterior with stucco and then lime-wash. The joists jutting out from the exterior are mounts for a 12′ high half-perimeter lattice or trellis that will be grown with a host of plants providing delicious yields.

The central cylinder, or hub, will be made of stacked 6 foot i.d. concrete pipe, which bears the weight of the two floors inside the structure as well as functioning as a duct for plumbing, electrical, ventilation, exhaust from the kitchen on the main level and laundry chute. The Geodesic dome will be made of Aluminum tubing and glass, resting on the top floor mezzanine, which is supported by thirteen 6″x 6″ steel posts. Exits from the mezzanine and top floor bedroom area will be through portals situated at due east and west in the geodesic shell. The 360 degree perimeter balcony will function as a jogging path, contemplation zone, sky gazing platform and getaway. The basement level is dedicated to storage, food pantry and entertainment area and is only 4 feet below grade. The first floor is 10 feet above, accessed by entries at East and West sides of the structure. On the First floor a perimeter of planters hold 20 foot tall trees and clumps of bamboo which rise up through the space between mezzanine and bedroom platform, their canopy spreading out into the geodesic dome’s interior. On the walls inside are positioned the twelve zodiac posters I am working on, completed as bas relief sculptural panels 6 feet wide by 10 feet tall, or alternatively, the same zodiac illustrations converted into stained glass windows set into the twelve segments of the cylinder. The building will be situated as close to our true north as can be technologically achieved, all aspects of the structure corresponding to the cardinal points. Solar power will provide electricity as well as two proximally located wind turbines. The dwelling will be entirely off-grid and will provide a maximum of caloric needs for the inhabitants. Total square footage: 3,880 square feet of living/floor space. Total interior volume: 93,525 cubic feet Top Floor (excluding Mezzanine): 706 sq. ft. Main level: 1520 sq ft. Basement: 706 sq. ft. entertainment area + 955 sq. ft Pantry, Root/Wine Cellar Mezzanine: 700 sq ft. box garden with vegetables/flowers, etc. Cost to build: Land: $30,000 Well: $10,000 Materials: $125,000 Labor: $40,000 Total: $205,000

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