Cylinder House Model Begins

Here is my geodesic dome model begun today in 3D Studio Max 2016. The walls are steel post reinforced gabions, finished with lime plaster on the interior and on the exterior with stucco and then lime-wash. The joists jutting out from the exterior are mounts for a 12′ high half-perimeter lattice or trellis that will be grown with a host of plants providing delicious yields.

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More Pics of the Greenhouse Model

The pics below are shots of the prototype grow tower, made of 6 inch PVC pipe, 8′ tall, which showers 36 net cups with nutrient rich water to feed single stalk plants such as Swiss Chard, Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, etc.

The center of the greenhouse will have two rows of these, 24 grow towers each, which will be planted in stages, continually providing over 200 heads of lettuce, say, per week. Total heads of (lettuce) 1,728.  Square feet consumed by their footprint?: 100 = 17.28 heads of lettuce per square foot. The cost to build each one, not counting labor is around $70.  At $2 per head of lettuce, the tower pays for itself in 3 months of production.

And here is a smartphone pic of the San Francisco International Airport Terminal architecture for inspiration:

The Final Reclamation of Resources

My Brother, Father and I had time enough to nearly tear the rest of the spider squat down, attached to the rear of the house. We stacked the 4×6’s on his trailer and tried as best we could before I left, to get the mess cleaned up. There’s a whole lot more to be done before I return in spring to build the greenhouse. Everything always takes more time than planned for and with the 8 days of rain of the 21 days I was there, I felt like I had left before closure.  I’ve had to accept the reality of time and process and let go of the demanding and self critical aspect of feeling incapable of reaching a specific goal. Continue reading